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Presenting Dental Corpus Anatomy and Primary

Dental Corpus Primary (NEW Coming soon!)

Dental Corpus Anatomy

Dental Corpus ANATOMY is an interactive tool for dental students and health professionals. The aim of this app is to help understanding and visualizing the complexity of root anatomy and to learn detailed informations about the size, the morphology and the development of each tooth. Each tooth is a 3D model created with informations about tooth morphology gathered from the latest bibliography. Photos of real extracted teeth and the combination of X-rays and illustrations supported by a plethora of references make this app a unique tool for any educational purpose. You can also save or print any information provided in a PDF format.


3D models

3D models of madibular and maxillary teeth based on up-to-date literature

Rotation and zoom in

Rotate, move, and zoom in or out each tooth

Pulp canal system

3D reconstruction of the root canal system of each tooth


Definitions of all tooth anatomical landmarks

Detailed information

Dimensions and development tables per tooth

Radiographs and illustrations

Radiographs and illustrations of teeth and adjacent anatomical structures


High quality photos of extracted teeth

Pdf donwload

Detailed study material in PDF files

Downloadable material

Downloadable material as: full text for each tooth information plus root canal morphology and drawings of each tooth.


Dental Corpus Anatomy app is available for all devices. You can donwload it in these versions.Try the free version now! Below are the download links.

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